just some quotes

  PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THESE “Be careful when you lean down to pick up a penny, you may lose a dime in the process.” -d.o “Don’t call me an angel for Lucifer was once an angel too.” -d.o “A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and you my dear, are a leopard blending in with a ton of cheetahs.”…

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Inner Workings

this is about me, not you. (wop)

I’ve thought about this explanation for quite awhile; how to explain something that doesn’t have an explaination, but here it goes. I have grown up under a name that I could not call my own, like a shirt that didn’t fit right. I felt like I was in the wrong skin. Imagine who you would be if your name was…

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Life, Love, Relationships

not every women is trying to steal your man

More specifically, not everyone that your significant other talks to wants in their pants or to push you out of the picture… but that was a really long title. These days it’s common for jealousy to be found in relationships, it’s often thought of as being cute, affectionate, or protective. But it’s actually the opposite; it’s very controlling, abusive, and…

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Advice, Guilt, Life, Regret, Unnecessary

regret isn’t necessary

Awhile ago, someone asked me a question that shook my core. “If you could go back to a specific moment in your life and do it over, would you? Why or why not?” When I was confronted with this question… it put on a play in my head of all the bad things that have ever happened to me. It…

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